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COVID-19 Update


God’s continued blessings!


I am sure that by now all of you have heard about Governor Inslee’s mandate requiring masks to be worn in all public spaces with a few exemptions. After navigating the mandate, the leadership of the congregation has determined that masks will be required during worship services. Signs to that effect will be placed on the entrances and masks will be provided for those that do not have one.

The only exemptions that pertain to the practice of our faith are granted to those 2 and under, and where masks are encouraged for those 5 and under. Also, you are permitted to temporarily remove your mask for the reception of The Lord’s Supper, at the conclusion of which you must put it back on per WA DOH Secretary John Wiesman’s Order Section 2(5).

There is a lot of confusion about why we wear masks and how to properly wear them. Below read the dos and don’ts from the department of health concerning face covering etiquette.

                  DO            cover your face with a couple layers of cloth while in public places.

DO            wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before you put your mask on and after you take it off.

DO            wash your cloth face covering in a washing machine after a day’s use.

DO            take a cloth face covering with you if you are hiking or visiting a park. Although you do not need to wear one outside, you may find that you need to come within 6 feet of                           someone else on a trail. At that point, put your cloth face covering on, say hello, and carry on.

DO            make sure the cloth face covering covers both your mouth and nose.


DON’T     wear surgical-grade masks or N95 respirators. We need to reserve those for health care and other frontline workers.

DON’T      think that wearing cloth face masks means we can gather in large groups of people. For most of the state, all gatherings are prohibited. For the counties that are in Phase 2, all                     gatherings of more than 5 people outside your household are prohibited.

DON’T      think that wearing a cloth face mask makes it safe to come within six feet of other people. At best, a cloth face covering is just one added level of precaution. It doesn’t really                       help unless we are also washing our hands, staying home when we are sick, and practicing physical distancing.

DON’T     wear a cloth face covering while exercising outdoors. It’s not dangerous, just annoying and not necessary.

DON’T      put a cloth face covering on a child under age 2 or on a person with a disability that keeps them from being able to remove it.

DON’T     touch your cloth face covering after you put it on. Try not to touch your face at all.

DON’T      worry that a cloth face covering might restrict your oxygen. It’s not airtight. If you ever feel like you’re having trouble breathing, remove the cloth face covering and sit down.                     If the feeling persists, call 911.


Practice compassion. Remember, wearing a cloth face covering is an act of compassion. We cover our faces to protect others. There is no public health reason to wear a cloth face covering if you are alone in your car, in your own home, or around members of your own household. (Unless you just want to because it’s comfortable and looks awesome. That’s cool.)


If you have or make face coverings and would like to donate them to the church for those who attend that do not have face coverings please contact the office or email me directly at THANK YOU!!


Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding as we move through this turbulent time, all while we strive to provide the Word and Sacrament for our faith family here at St Matthew. Please continue to pray for the leadership as we earnestly work toward providing a safe and spiritually enriching ministry to you.

Please remember that the services will continue to be livestreamed and available for several weeks on our website. Thank you and God’s peace, that guards our hearts and souls, be with you all.



In Christ,



Pastor Lovejoy



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