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Good morning everyone,


This is a strange time of traversing uncharted territory as we learn to remain isolated yet united in faith. It appears that for the next two weeks we will be supplying the WORSHIP SERVICE ON SUNDAY MORNING AT 10AM VIA A LIVE STREAM ONLY. There will be NO 7PM EVENING SERVICE. However, the 10am service will be available as a video on the website by clicking the small three lined icon on the bottom of the live stream image on the home page of our website. We unfortunately have no other option for this coming Sunday March 29th, and the following Sunday April 5th.


As time and the circumstances of our current health crisis continue to develop, I will keep you updated via email, Facebook and on the website. We are currently making our plans for Holy Week and Easter Sunday Services and will notify you concerning any changes to the schedule that may occur.

In the meantime, we have made a few changes to our website in addition to offering the live steam and video of our services. You can navigate to the tab, “Sermons & Online Resources” and access past sermons, radio podcasts, devotional material, and a new Video Bible Study taught by me on the Miracles Through the Book of John throughout the coming weeks. I thought this topic would be apt as many are praying for miracles during this pandemic. I will be posting new video Bible Study sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays by noon. Please, as you participate in the Bible Study, respond to the videos with questions on YouTube or email me directly.  As you know, my style of teaching is very interactive and discussion based, so teaching this way will be a new experience for me and your questions/comments will be very much appreciated in helping structure the lessons.

This time of physical separation gives us a great opportunity to stop and reflect on what the Church truly is. It is not a building, an address, or a room. It’s not simply made up of groups of 50, 150, or 500. It is the one spiritual body of believers held together by the Holy Spirit; whose head is Christ Himself. What has always held us together has never been visible. As we embark into the coming weeks, this precious gift of being united through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, we know that we are not alone, helpless, or without hope. In fact, we are the opposite as we pause in our homes and thank God that in this tumultuous time, we have something that can never be shaken. That is our unity with the total number of believing Christians past and present for all time. As members of this Body of Believers, encourage one another with a phone call, letter, and lift each other up in prayer giving thanks in all circumstances. Especially a circumstance such as this that reminds you what is truly important in your life, and who it is that has given it to you and sustains those gifts every day. Take some time today in your homes and thank God for all that you have, and how soon this crisis will be a memory. To God be the Glory.


Pastor Lovejoy



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Our Mission


To be the living evidence of Christ's mercy.

Our Vision


To be a family embracing the community through the faithful witness of the truth found in Scripture and the forgiveness only found in Christ.

 Our Values


  • Compassionate to the Lost and weary

  • Welcoming in the name of the Lord

  • Faithful to God's Word and Sacraments

  • Quick to forgive in the name of Jesus Christ

  • Joyful, living in the promise of eternal life

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