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COVID-19 Response update

Below is a detailed description of all the ongoing safety measures that have been put in place in accordance with Governor Inslee’s recommendations and the CDC guidelines.

  • The Livestreaming of the worship service will continue indefinitely.

  • Masks Are required inside the building.

  • All members are STRONGLY encouraged to self-evaluate their medical condition before attending, self-screening for fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, and/or difficulty breathing. IF YOU ARE ILL STAY HOME.

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been made abundantly available inside and outside the Sanctuary.

  • CDC informational signs have been posted at each entrance and Hand washing signs have been placed inside the bathrooms.

  • Because of the size of our facility we are limited to permitting 50 members to attend each service.

  • The pews have been roped off to ensure the social distancing recommendations.

  • The offering collection is no longer part of the service. In lieu of “passing the plate” a basket is placed on the table in the entrance of the church at the conclusion of the service for you to drop your offering into as you leave.

  • The ushers are using face coverings and ensuring that people make their way to their pews prior to service and ushering attendees out after service to ensure that “bottle necking” does not occur.

  • The entrances to the building have been restricted to the Lincoln Street doors to limit the number of “High Touch Points.”

  • The Lincoln Street entrances are propped open prior to service to remove the need for attendees to touch the door handles.

  • Worship folders are pre-placed in the pews prior to service to limit contamination.

  • All worship folders are removed and replaced with fresh service folders between each service.

  • Communion is served using sanitary pre-packaged elements that the communicant opens after distribution to prevent communal spread. After distribution, the member takes their used disposable communion cup and places it in the basket at then end of the first pew to be thrown away.

  • Pastor uses sanitizer prior to distribution and uses face coverings during distribution.

  • Marking tape has been placed on ground at the communion rail to indicate where communicates are to stand to maintain social distancing, as well as directional arrows for dismissal so that members are not crowding each other as they return to their seats.

  • In-between the services the pews and pew backs, as well as high touch points and handrails are sanitized, with the facility undergoing deep cleaning throughout the week.

  •  in-person Bible studies and activities have began to re-opened." Please refer to to the newsletter to identify active ministry opportunities. 



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Our Mission


To be the living evidence of Christ's mercy.

Our Vision


To be a family embracing the community through the faithful witness of the truth found in Scripture and the forgiveness only found in Christ.

 Our Values


  • Compassionate to the Lost and weary

  • Welcoming in the name of the Lord

  • Faithful to God's Word and Sacraments

  • Quick to forgive in the name of Jesus Christ

  • Joyful, living in the promise of eternal life