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The Basis of our Faith is found in this: "Christ has been raised from the dead, lives and reigns to all eternity."

What is the Bible?

The Bible is the collection of writings, penned by men, breathed from God, completely without error or contradiction. It is the only true rule, source, and norm for any and all teaching of the Christian Church. (2 Tim 3:16)


Who is God?

The only true God is the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - three distinct persons in one divine being.


Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus, whose name means "the Lord Saves," descended from Heaven, and through His life, death, and resurrection, saved us from all our sins, death, and the power of Satan. It is in the shedding of His blood that we are saved (John 1:29). Christ (meaning "the anointed one") has provided the one thing that will reconcile you to Himself. In the incarnation, Jesus was truly both God and man. Being true man, He was able to live a perfect life under the weight of the Law, suffered, and died. Being true God, His sacrifice unto death would be sufficient for the redemption of all people throughout all time. (Galatians 3:13) Christ did not stay in the tomb; however, He raised Himself to life, winning victory for you and me over the grave. (1 Corinthians 15:55-57) Having died and been raised, He sits enthroned in Heaven until the proper time of His return when He will raise all the dead to life and usher in a new era of peace with a new heaven and new earth. (Revelation 22)


What is sin?

Sin is every thought, word, and deed that is contrary to the will of God. (1 John 3:4) It may be helpful to view sin as two groups, equally fatal in how they affect our relationship with God. #1) As the Devil brought sin into the world (1 John 3:8) by tempting Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1-7), we now find ourselves being conceived and born into a broken world and into an immediate need for the Grace of our Lord. (Psalm 51:5) This belief is called Original Sin. This understanding of inherited sin provides insight into the struggle we face every day as we internally fight with temptation that rises up within us (Genesis 8:21; John 3:6; Romans 5:19). #2) The second category of sin is often referred to as "actual sin." This "type" of sin is seen in the things that we do not do but should and the things we do but should not do (Matthew 15:19).


How am I saved?

You are saved because "God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16). Reflecting on that, here are a few points that summarize saving faith:

  • I believe I am a sinner (Romans 3:23)

  • The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23)

  • But God demonstrates His love for us that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8)

  • Having died for our sins, Christ rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:3-4)

  • Salvation and eternal life comes from believing in Christ (Acts 16:30-31)

  • Salvation is A FREE GIFT FROM GOD! (Ephesians 2:8-9)



What is Baptism?

Baptism, meaning washing, is where the sinner and the Creator of the Universe come together through life-giving water. The water united to the Word of God is rich in grace and supplies a new birth into the family of God, uniting the person to the death and resurrection of Christ. Baptism supplies the forgiveness of sins, rescues from death and the devil, and gives eternal salvation. Baptism is not just plain water, but it's the water included in God's command and combined with God's Word. Baptism is only needed once in your life, as the Lord places His name on you. Once His name is engraved on your heart and head, nothing will remove it.


What is the Lord's Supper?

The Lord's Supper is the true body and blood of Christ in, with, and under the bread and wine instituted by Christ Himself for us Christians to eat and drink, for the forgiveness of our sins (1 Cor 11:23-29). We welcome to table those who have examined themselves and have visited with the Pastor.

The LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) believes Scripture teaches the Lord's Supper is a precious gift of God in which Christ gives us His true body and blood (in a miraculous way), together with the bread and wine, for the forgiveness of our sins and the strengthening of our faith.

Because the Bible teaches that this Sacrament may also be spiritually harmful if misused and that participation in the Lord's Supper is an act of confession of faith, the LCMS ordinarily communes only those who have been instructed in the teachings of our church and who have confessed their faith in these teachings.

For more information, see the following links:  Admission to the Lord's Supper, and Theology and Practice of the Lord's Supper.

From Frequently Asked Questions — Doctrine, The LCMS website:

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How do I believe?

The Word of God. The same thing that brought forth light and life on the first days of creation. Faith comes from hearing and hearing through the Word of Christ (Romans 10:17). How do I know for sure? God never breaks His promises (Isaiah 49:14-16).


What is Christianity?

Christianity is the life and salvation God has given in and through Jesus Christ (John 17:3).


What is the Church?

The Church Is the total number of people believing in Christ Jesus our Lord.


What is marriage?

Because of recent developments in Washington State, it has become increasingly important that we provide a definition of marriage as it pertains to the Church. Holy Matrimony is, and always will be, regarded by the Church as the Divine institution of the lifelong union between one man and one woman (Genesis 1 & 2).


When Does Life Begin?

At conception (Psalm 139).

For More Information About the Doctrine of the LCMS (Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod)

Please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions — Doctrine



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