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Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Genesis 32:22–30

2 Timothy 3:14–4:5

Luke 18:1-8

Faith Clings to the Word and Promises of God and Perseveres in Prayer


Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost

Genesis 4:1–15

2 Timothy 4:6–8, 16–18

Luke 18:9-17

In Humble Repentance, Faith Lives by Grace and Mercy and Is Exalted by God in Christ


Acts 15:12–22a

James 1:1–12

Matthew 13:54–58


St. James of Jerusalem, Brother of Jesus and Martyr


Reformation Sunday

Revelation 14:6–7

Romans 3:19–28

John 8:31-36, Matt.11:12-19

The Son of God Has Set Us Free from Sin and Death by His Grace

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All Saints’ Day

Revelation 7:(2–8) 9–17

1 John 3:1–3

Matt. 5:1-12

Saints Are Blessed in the Eternal Presence of Christ


Twenty-third Sunday of Pentecost

Malachi 4:1–6

2 Thessalonians 3:(1–5) 6–13

Luke 20:27-40

God’s Plan of Redemption Trumps Earthly Destruction and Violence


Last Sunday of Church Year

Luke 23:27-43

Malachi 3:13–18

Colossians 1:13–20

Jesus Christ Reigns, Enduring the Cross — Its Scorn and Shame


Thanksgiving Eve

Deuteronomy 8:1–10

Philippians 4:6–20 or 1 Timothy 2:1–4

Luke 17:11–19


We Praise God for Sustaining Life in and through His Word


Day of Thanksgiving

Deuteronomy 8:1–10

Philippians 4:6–20 or 1 Timothy 2:1–4

Luke 17:11–19


We Praise God for Sustaining Life in and through His Word


First Sunday of Advent

Isaiah 2:1–5

Romans 13:(8–10) 11–14

Matthew 21:1–11 or Matthew 24:36–44


The Lord Comes in Meekness and Humility to Save Us Now

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Second Sunday in Advent

Isaiah 11:1–10

Psalm 72:1–7

Rom. 15:4–13

Matt. 3:1–12


By the Preaching of Repentance, We Are Prepared for the Coming of the Lord



Third Sunday in Advent

Isaiah 35:1–10

Psalm 146

James 5:7–11

Matthew 11:2–15


The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ Brings True Rejoicing, Even Under the Cross


Fourth Sunday in Advent

Isaiah 7:10–17

Psalm 24

Romans 1:1–7

Matthew 1:18–25


God’s Word Is Fulfilled for Us in the Flesh and Blood of Christ Jesus, the Son of Mary


The Nativity of Our Lord

Christmas Eve

Isaiah 7:10–14

Psalm 110:1–4

1 John 4:7–16

Matthew 1:18–25

The Word of the Lord Is Fulfilled in the Flesh of Jesus




The Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Midnight)

Isaiah 9:2–7

Psalm 96

Titus 2:11–14

Luke 2:1–14 (15–20)

The Light of Christ Shines Forth in the Darkness




The Nativity of Our Lord (Christmas Dawn)

Isaiah 62:10–12

Psalm 98

Titus 3:4–7

Luke 2:1–14 (15–20)

Christ Jesus Reveals Himself in the Signs He Has Given to His Church




The Nativity of Our Lord

Christmas Day

Isaiah 52:7–10

Psalm 2

Hebrews 1:1–6 (7–12)

John 1:1–14 (15–18)


The Living and Life-Giving Word of God Dwells Among Us in the Flesh


Eve of the Circumcision and Naming of Jesus

New Year’s Eve

Isaiah 30:(8–14) 15–17

Psalm 90:1–12

Romans 8:31b–39

Luke 12:35–40

Our Times Are in His Hands

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