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St. Matthew!

Children’s Sunday School REMAINS ON BREAK

This year when allowed, we will be using the Concordia Publishing House Curriculum “Enduring Faith.” Sunday School hours will be announced. We are seeking teachers willing to be on rotation through the upcoming school year. If you are interested, please contact Pastor!



This instructional course on the basic tenants of the Christian faith is made available for any child ages 11-14. If you have a child or know of a child that would like to enter into Confirmation, contact Pastor Lovejoy.


 Tuesday Morning Bible Study ARE IN PERSON.

Each Tuesday at 10am

Lead by Pastor Lovejoy, this Bible Study has continued its study of The Gospel of Mark.

 This class is great for individuals of all levels of Biblical familiarity. This Bible Class is also available on the website.


Choir remains on break

At some point Choir will begin meeting every Tuesday at 7pm, all invited to meet in the choir loft and sing in the Choir. The choir will begin looking at music for the upcoming Advent and Christmas Seasons. Look for a start date!!!


Praise Team Resuming In-Person Rehearsals,

The Praise Team meets on Mondays at 6pm and will be looking at the Sundays they will be participating in this year and the songs they will be contributing. If you have any questions regarding the Praise Team, Speak with Ken Young.


Lutherans Women's Mission League (LWML)

All the Ladies of the Congregation are invited! The LWML meets every second Friday of the month. Join us as we answer the call to witness Christ to the whole world.

The next meeting will be February 12th  @ Noon.


Altar Guild

Since the morning of Christ’s resurrection, as the women approached to prepare the body of Christ for burial, ladies have gathered before the Sunday service to prepare the body of Christ for communion. If you are interested in this helping with this sacred task contact Lillian Holtum at  360-460-5655


Free Community Dinner HAS RESUMED

Community free dinner served every Wednesday at 5:30pm. If you are interested in joining this ministry contact our Human Care Chairman, Cindy Schlaffman.


Issues in Faith @ 5pm Thursdays

Starting Thursday Pastor is beginning his “Issues in Faith” class. This class is available to everyone as it focuses on the building blocks of the Biblical Christian Faith.  Come and enjoy and bring your sack dinner. Contact Pastor


March 3rd, Lent Midweek 2

Noon and 6:15

The Mount of Olives

Matthew 26:30-35


March 7th, 3rd Sunday in Lent

John 2:13-25

Destroy This Temple


March 10th, Lent Midweek 3

Noon and 6:15

Gethsemane Matthew 26:36


March 14th, 4th Sunday in Lent

John 3:14-21

By Grace You’ve Been Saved


March 17th, Lent Midweek 4

Noon and 6:15

The Courtyard, Matthew 69-70


March 21ST, 5th Sunday in Lent

Mark 10:(32–34) 35–45

To Be A Slave


March 17th, Lent Midweek 5

Noon and 6:15

The Judgment Hall, Matthew 27:11-23


March 28th, Palm Sunday

Matthew 21:1-11



April 1, Maundy Thursday 7pm

Matthew 26:17-29

The Upper Room


April 2, Good Friday 7 pm

The Last 7 Words of Christ



April 4th Easter Sunday

7:00am Sunrise Service:

The Garden Tomb

Matthew 28:1-11


8:30am Easter Service 

10am Easter Service:

Who Will Roll Away the Stone?

Mark 16:1-8

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